The series, Thought Structures, came out of my note-taking at presentations, classes workshops, and was born out of my wandering mind. Words, phrases, graphic flourishes (doodles) This series is more pure, the words come out of my mind, not a chain of thought, of distracted attention to a speaker, but a flowing of more and less related thoughts, or even just random associations, sounds in my head. Associated only here in this composition or that. Abstractly related by proximity if nothing more. The graphic imagery is wrought in pauses between words is the structure holding the words, an abstraction with some suggestions of actual things.

Here's another way to put it: In the making of this series, and not because it is pure abstraction of word or form (it is not), but I recalled the John Cage/Merce Cunningham collaborations: language as abstraction/movement as abstraction. See (all work, 10x15" - $100 each, unmatted, plus shipping)