The AGBOT Series came out of a drawing that as it developed more and more, to me, resembled a piece of agricultural machinery out in a field. It seemed robotic. And I found myself drawing the letters "AGBOT" - for Agricultural Robotics. From there I began imagining the products and the development process of my new fictitious company. It took the form of field notes mixed with marketing design. The AGBOT Series was a rather intensive and time consuming project. Starting with rough sketches and developed in Photoshop using its simplest tools, the paint brush and the toggle switch between black and white colors. From there, the image is laser printed onto clear acetate, exposed onto a screen coated with photographic emulsion, leaving a fine mesh stencil. Ink is squeegee'd through the mesh onto paper creating the finished print. All pieces are 6x6", white ink on black paper. Individual prints are $50, or the series set of five for $200 - while available, unmatted, plus shipping.